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Discover the Périgord region

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Rendez-vous in Sarlat in the Black Périgord

Discover the Périgord region : we are located in the heart of the most beautiful Sarlat and Périgord sites, in what is renown as the “golden triangle” of the Black Périgord.

The following list of some of the extraordinary places to visit in the Périgord region is, nonetheless, far from exhaustive!

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The Périgord attitude

Quoting Henry Miller : 

“Without a doubt, here, in Dordogne, the closest approximation to heaven.”

Cultivating the art of living in all its shapes, the Périgord open its arms to gift you an unforgettable stay. Forget the daily grind, change setting, recharge! Most of all, enjoy an exceptionnal gastronomical know-how. Feed yourself with culture. Share experiences and meet beautiful people. You will discover an extraordinary natural environment. Adopt the Périgord Attitude!

Discover local heritage

Caves, geological chasms, castles, medieval fortresses, parks and gardens, prehistoric sites, aquariums, theme parls, troglodytic forts and towns and Gabare boats.

These diverse and magnificent sites are a showcase to Périgord heritage and offer a way to experience time, history and the elements as well as to share a sense of adventure and emotion as a family. Places abound here that are rich in geology, archeology, and parietal art, as well as troglodytic and medieval architecture. Landscaped gardens, boat trips, traditional culture and savoir-vivre, as well as nature and its ecosystems are made accessible to all generations through visits, workshops, unexpected meetings, magical moments.

Impossible to list them all …

There are 130 castles open to the public in our most generous Périgord. The region is as diverse as varied, and is home to much qualitfy-certified produce. Strawberries, walnuts, as well the numerous duck and goose products of the region are the emblematic treasures of the Périgord.

Other exaples of local treasures are chestnuts, which can be served in salads or accompanying poultry. The Cabecou goat’s cheese is also renown, as i the cheese refined by monks, la trappe d’Echougnac. The local production of chicken, poulardes and capons reinforces the Périgord’s reputation as a land of abundance.

Biosphere reserve

The River Dordogne is the only French river to have been classified World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

It is, in effect, the most beautiful river in France. A kind of misty halo meanders between prairies, cutting through the yellow-stone cliffs, soaking up the sun while ignoring the rectilinear landscape. The river coils up and unwinds, turning, here and there, tightly like a snake in the shade of the overhanging rocks and their looming castles. If you’re looking for a friendly spirit in this natural wonder, you will not be disappointed.

Visit many classified “most beautiful french villages” !

On the outskirts of Sarlat, in wha is known as the “Valley of Wonders”, there are no fewer than 4 villages that have been classified as “most beautiful French villages”.

Beynac, Castelnaud la Chapelle, Domme, La Roque-Gageac.

In the villages of Beynac and La Roque-Gageac in particular, the ancient houses cling obstinately to the cliffs, resisting the passage of hundreds of years. The river Dordogne below reflects them brilliantly like a mirror – a double wonder. This has to be one of the most incredible visits France has to offer.

The villages of Belves, Saint-Amand de Coly, Limeuil, Monpazier and Saint-Leon sur Vezere also contribute to the region being able to boast the highest number of certified “beautiful villages” in France..