Le mas de Castel


“One doesn’t need a whole lot to be satisfied – just happiness, that’s it.”

Let us tell you the long and short stories of our land – the land of our prehistoric ancestors – through the expertise of conference guides.


The walks and presentations are accompanied by certified guides. You will be picked up at the hotel by the guide – but you will leave together in your own vehicle (the kilometers and climbing difficulty are reduced as much as possible so you can make the most of the natural views and historical monuments on your path.) The walks are interspersed with commentaries and surprise presentations.

River walk

The River Walk takes place along the river bed, with the water-level mid-thigh. The action of one’s feet walking over the river pebbles and silty sand reinforces the leg muscles which burn calories as they contract thereby also improving venous return and overall tonus. The water massage produces a pleasant drainage, improving blood circulation and reducing cellulite and the sensation of heavy, tired legs…

Don’t forget to dress appropriately and to bring a small backpack with your personal belongings, a bottle of water, and a picnic for the day. (Note : you can reserve your picnic the day before at the hotel reception desk).

For the River Walk, wear an old pair of sports shoes, and a bathing suit (optional, as you can also just wear a t-shirt.)




Grande Beune Valley

Abot 10 Km

From Prehistory to today

Discover the paths of Beunes, small secret valleys filled with caves, rock dwellings and castles; pathways going back in time from Prehistory to today.

Departure from the village of Sireuil, parking on the central village square

In this small secret valley co-exist the seigneury of the Commarque Chateau and Laussel Chateau. During your walk you will discover rock dwellings and artificial caves once inhabited by our prehistoric ancestors. The walk is also the opportunity to discover the exceptional fauna and flora of this site labelled “natura 2000”.

Visit of Commarque Castle also possible.

half day



About 6 Km

A walk between the Dordogne River and its cliffs

During this walk around the village of Montfort, you will learn the tumultuous history of the chateau, including the cycles of destruction and reconstruction. The quiet and peaceful Montfort hamlet has been recently renovated with delightful paved roads and a “hanging rock” central square.


Valley of 1001 Castles

About 7 Km

For history lovers

The Dordogne valley welcomes you with its sumptuous decor of chateaux of the Perigord.

You will travel back in time to the Middle Ages with Beynac and Castelnaud castles.

Admire the charm of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, a typical village from the past which has been labelled one of France’s most beautiful villages.


Walk along and in the River

About 4 Km

Dordogne Valley

A 4 km walk to discover a medieval village and its secrets, followed by a walk in the Dordogne River (see above, River Wallk).

Departure from the La malartrie beach in La Roque-Gageac

Night tour


Sarlat’s medieval city

From 9:30pm to 10:30pm

Unique, secretive, exceptional Sarlat

Don’t miss this unforgettable guided tour of the medieval city

Rendez-vous on the old Walnut Market parking lot (next to today’s Fire Station)


Les Eyzies

Capital of Prehistory

From 9:30pm to 10:30pm

On this unique tour you will discover cave dwellings and learn about how the history of this small village was radically affected by the arrival of the first pre-historians.

Rendez-vous on the Vezere parking lot



  • Adult 15,00€
  • Child up to 15 years old 7,00€
  • Under 5 years –  free

Half day

  • Adult 10,00€
  • Child up to 15 years old 5,00€
  • Under 5 years –  free

Night tour

  • Adult 7,00€
  • Child up to 15 years old 3,00€
  • Under 5 years –  free